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h9 We hope to be able to help you with your questions and needs related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care -- all areas that Doulas are trained to help you with!

Childbirth is life changing! But along with the physical changes come emotional, financial, and relationship challenges. Doulas are often said to "mother the mother": meaning they take care of women during labour. However, the role of a doula often goes far beyond the birth itself.

Doulas' broader roles

You can see from our left menu that doulas work in both the prenatal (before birth, or antepartum), and postpartum (after birth, or postnatal) phases of giving birth. In doing so, the doula offers support, counselling, advocacy, and physical aid to both the new mother, her partner, and her broader family if needed. Helping the whole family transition to a new role is part of the doula's work.

Most doulas specialize in either prenatal or post-partum care, but many are available to guide you through your entire birth experience. And some doulas specialize in offering support solely during the labor process, while you are actually giving birth.

Please read more about doulas and the support they can provide you by using the left menu or other items on our site. We will be adding many more resources and research materials in the next months, so please do come back!




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Our articles:
We have a series of articles about doulas and their advantages. Some readers have offered articles of their own, and these will be added regularly.

The Doula Advantage

Many women find having their own copy of a book nearby during labour can put many fears to rest. We have chosen to support a book written by Rachel Gurevich entitled " The Doula Advantage: Your Complete Guide to Having an Empowered and Positive Birth with the Help of a Professional Childbirth Assistant." Pregnancy & Childbirth Books)